It wAs a lAdylike sort of Afternoon And I got to listen to these old bAbies.

Adeva’s Adeva! 1989.

Love this. Classic. I remember hearing this for the first time ever on the John Leech soul show on Essex Radio when I was 15. I am pretty sure I taped it and used it for dance breaks through my GCSE revision days.

Paul Simpson, featuring Adeva – Musical Freedom

Another one of my favourites on there is this one. And yes. I may have dropped some dance moves similar to those on the video. Though isnt that what the kids are going out wearing now? Check out the red tubular dress and biker’s jacket! So on trend!

Adeva, Warning.

Another A-grAde lAdy in my book AnywAy was AAliyAh. I often wonder where she would be sitting in the mix of todSy’s first lAdies of pop (Beyonce, LAdy GAgA, Nikki MinAj etc) if she were still Around…would she hAve kicked them All into line??? Like the whole album, but this one in particular:

Aaliyah – Rock the Boat




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It’s a London ting

So the first post of many if I manage to keep this up. I am uploading all my CDs onto my PC and my husband will do something clever to network them to our sound system. Well that’s the goal anyway. Also his suggestion to invite others to accompany me on what could be a delightful (?) journey through the alphabet (er. yes I did store  my CDs alphabetically in Case Logic files) of soul, house, R&B and some terribly cheesetastic indie and pop at some points along the way too. I’m sorry about that, but I’m a sucker for happy melodies as you’ll see.

Anyway, first things first. Artful Dodger, ‘It’s all about the Stragglers’. 2000, London Records.

Hello Craig David! An overlooked talent I think. Where’d he go eh? Is he just going to the gym every day in Southampton now? And yes, there’ll be more of him later too. You might be able to see how this is going to go and want to leave now. I’m not saying I’m cool. In any way. But let’s get on with it. Two of my favourites from the album.

Artful Dodger – Woman Trouble

Artful Dodger, featuring Michelle Escoffery

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